5 Benefits of Automatic Billing

Automatic billing refers to a system that bills and sends invoices automatically on behalf of your swimming school. Setting up automated billing can have many benefits for your customers, your staff, and your school. swool.io integrates with your lessons and billing and makes sure that your clients are billed when they need to be.


1. Streamline your billing process and keep your cash flow running smoothly.

swool.io takes all of the manual processes out of billing. You set up recurring billing for students when they first sign up, and swool.io will send recurring invoices without you having to spend time figuring out who to bill every month. Forget the month-end nightmares of having to figure out who you have to bill with swool.io automated billing.


2. Collect Information Once

You can collect customer information once and never worry about losing the details. Or they could collect it themselves, via swool.io’s online self-registration form. Don’t get to a stage where you are missing information or can’t read handwriting. Enter the clients’ information into swool.io once and you never have to worry about it again.


3. Improve your Customer Experience by never sending incorrect or late invoices

Customers will appreciate getting accurate invoices on time every time. They don’t need to think about when or what they should be paying you or get unhappy about a confusing bill that doesn’t match up. swool.io sends clear invoices for exactly the services clients received.


4. Setup Billing Rules

Use swool.io to setup billing rules that will allow you to bill your customers correctly. Don’t worry about calculating makeup lessons, holidays or discount, swool.io allows you to set up billing rules to match your schools’ unique circumstances.


5. Reduce late and missed payments

It makes it easier for customers to pay when you allow them to have a set schedule. Customers know when to expect a bill, and get used to paying it.

swool.io can also integrate with Paypal and Sage to make your payment and billing process even easier than ever before. Focus on what you can do best and leave the admin processes to the experts.