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Provide your customers with seamless access and unmatched convenience. Welcome to a new level of personalized service for your valued clients.

Communication And Notifications

Send push-notifications straight to the client app and give them the freedom to view all previous communication.

Session Details

Customers can view upcoming bookings and session details.

Financial History

Give customers access to view their statement history and payment details.


Set up client self-booking to allow members to book and manage their own sessions.

Session Reminders

Self-booking sends out reminders to members before their sessions start.

Effortless Information Access

Our customer app serves as a dedicated space for clients to easily access essential information, track their interactions, and stay updated. From reviewing communication histories to booking sessions and viewing detailed payment statements, our app makes every interaction intuitive and every update immediate.

Stay Connected

Keep your customers engaged with a centralized communication hub. Our app ensures that all client communications are easily accessible, helping them stay informed and connected at all times.

Book with Ease 

Simplify how your customers manage their appointments. Our app provides a smooth, straightforward booking process, allowing clients to schedule sessions quickly and efficiently.

Financial Clarity

Offer full transparency in financial dealings. Our app provides comprehensive statements with detailed payment breakdowns, ensuring clarity and building trust with every transaction.

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