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Welcome to your strategic command center. Our advanced reporting tools and dashboards provide you with the actionable insights you need for informed decision-making, offering a transparent view into the core of your business operations.

Quick Business Overview

Company dashboard for an overview of bookings, availability and trends.

Instructor Breakdown

See a summary per instructor for bookings, members, and hours to track performance or calculate commission. 

Member Reporting

Access needed information of members like birthdays, registration dates and inactive accounts.

Financial Reporting

Gain access to powerful business insights with financial reporting like profit & loss, aged balances and journal entries.


A quick view of financial, registration, and booking trends.

Unlock the full potential of data-driven decisions with ease, from high-level trends to specific details.

Holistic Perspectives: Company Dashboard

Obtain a comprehensive overview of your business operations with our company dashboard. Easily track bookings, monitor availability, and spot emerging trends—all through a unified, user-friendly platform that keeps you well-informed and in charge.

Instructor Insights: Performance Summaries

Explore detailed performance metrics of your instructors. Access summaries that highlight bookings, learner engagement, and instructional hours, helping you acknowledge achievements, identify areas for improvement, and effectively manage resources.

Personalized Engagement

Enhance personal connections within your community. Use our reports to stay updated on significant milestones like learner birthdays, fostering a personalized approach that enhances engagement and strengthens relationships.

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