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View And Plan Sessions On Your Calendar

Take a quick glance at upcoming sessions in your business or target specific sessions with filters.


Customizable set up with session types, instructors, facilities and available spaces.

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Book make-up sessions & mark cancellations ahead of time or view upcoming bookings and history.

Visualize Success: Simplified Calendar Planning

Achieve clarity and control with our intuitive calendar interface. Easily view and plan your sessions, keeping your schedule well-organized and readily accessible.

Color Your World: Customizable Color Coding

Enhance your scheduling efficiency with customizable color coding. Use colors to categorize different types of sessions, making them easy to identify and manage at a glance.

Preemptive Planning: Manage Makeup Sessions & Cancellations

Proactively manage your schedule by booking makeup sessions and marking cancellations in advance. This feature helps minimize disruptions and maintain operational efficiency.

Insights That Inform: Track Bookings and Review History

Stay on top of your schedule with detailed insights into upcoming bookings and historical session data. Use these insights to make informed decisions and optimize your operations.

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