enhance connection and engagement with advanced member management

View your members, search & use shortcuts to make quick changes to sessions & profiles.

Profile Management

Search and filter your members. Access a full member profile to change information or view historical information.

Run Centralised Accounts

Have family accounts and add members to existing accounts.

Information At Your Fingertips

Capture and store information like medical notes, birthdates and attachments.

Convenient Information

Pop-up profile cards to quickly view needed information.

Customisable Field Options 

Use and create custom filters and tags to widen search functionality on member profiles.

Welcome to the core of community interaction and personalized service. Our member management system provides a complete suite of tools designed to streamline processes, improve member experiences, and build strong connections. With features like advanced search capabilities and user-friendly shortcuts, experience a platform where every interaction is smooth and every member feels important.

Effortless Navigation: Precision Search and Filtering

Easily sift through your member database. Our precise search and filtering tools allow you to quickly locate specific members, ensuring every important connection is recognized.

Streamlined Onboarding: Simplified Learner Addition

Grow your community effortlessly. Our platform makes it simple to add learners to existing accounts, making the onboarding process quick and inclusive.

Health and Safety at Your Fingertips: Secure Medical Data Management

Manage member health information with confidence. Our system allows you to securely capture and store vital medical details, ensuring you can provide necessary support whenever needed.

Instant Access, Instant Action: Customizable Popups

Quickly access and update member details. Our customizable popups enable instant adjustments to member profiles, enhancing your efficiency and responsiveness.

Tailored Insights: Advanced Custom Filters and Tags

Harness the power of detailed customization. Develop custom filters and tags to refine searches and optimize member interactions, helping you discover insights that enhance engagement and improve retention.

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