enhance learning and track growth with effective performance management

Easily capture attendance and assess learners based on your unique curriculum.

Digital Attendance Register

Session calendars generate attendance registers to help easily keep track of member attendance.

Track Progress

Assess learners with your own uploaded criteria to track progression.

Send Reports Cards

Send or print progress report cards after assessing students.

Generate And Send Certificates.

Upload your certificate background to bulk generate and send certificates.

History Reporting

View attendance history reports and use filters to target specific periods.

Attendance Made Simple

Easily track learner presence and streamline administrative processes with our straightforward attendance capturing feature. Maintain accurate records and improve accountability effortlessly.

Tailored Assessment

Give educators the freedom to customize assessments. Upload your own criteria to tailor evaluations that fit your curriculum, enabling precise tracking of learner progress.

Celebrate Milestones

Boost motivation and acknowledge achievements with professional progress reports and certificates. Our platform helps you highlight learner success in a meaningful and polished way, encouraging continual growth.

Insights That Drive Improvement
Access detailed attendance histories and use filtering tools to gather actionable insights. Analyze trends, pinpoint areas needing attention, and make informed decisions to enhance the learning experience.

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