modernise client registrations

Simplify the enrollment process with our Online Registration feature. It allows your customers to register quickly and effortlessly using their own devices.

Register New Clients Online

Send out a registration link or use a QR code generated for your business to register new members.


Select the fields you want to display, add your own terms and conditions, and include unique questions that are required for your process.

Streamlined Registration Process

Achieve a smoother registration workflow with our easy-to-use online system. Our customizable options, including user-friendly QR codes, make registration straightforward and hassle-free.

Easy Enrollment: Link Sharing and QR Code Scanning

Make it easy for your customers to sign up. They can either click on a link or scan a QR code, providing flexibility and improving accessibility.

Custom Agreements: Your Own Terms & Conditions

Customize your registration process with your own terms and conditions. This feature lets you set the rules and expectations clearly, enhancing transparency and building trust with your customers.

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Improve your customer experience by using our Online Registrations feature. It’s designed for simplicity, flexibility, and customization, helping you meet the needs of your users efficiently.

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