tailor and control your system to fit your business needs

swool.io provides extensive customization options within each system, allowing you to tailor our platform to perfectly align with your business operations.

Customised Documents

Customise company settings and layout options on certain documents

Customised Packages

Customised package setup with different periods for invoicing

Multiple Facilities

Run multiple facilities, each with its own schedule.

Instructor Management

Add instructors and grant access to what you want them to see when they log in

Customised Self Service

Customise your self-service signup for your customers. Deciding which details to capture and the options available.

Welcome to the center of customization and control. Our system settings are designed to let you shape your digital environment, ensuring that every aspect of your operations runs smoothly and is customized to your preferences.

Flexible Company Settings and Document Layouts

Take charge of your system’s appearance and functionality. From company-wide settings to specific document layout configurations, adjust and fine-tune each element to mirror your business’s unique style and requirements.

Tailored Packages, Tailored Perfection

Move away from generic solutions. Our customizable package setups allow you to offer varying invoicing periods, adapting to each client’s needs with precision and ease.

Efficient Management of Multiple Facilities

Manage one or multiple facilities without the hassle. Our system supports easy oversight of different locations, each with its unique schedule and operational demands, simplifying complex management tasks.

Empower Instructors, Elevate Experiences

Provide instructors with the tools they need for success. Controlled access and customized views ensure that instructors see exactly what they need upon login, fostering better collaboration and enhancing their effectiveness.

Ready to take charge?

Dive into a world of endless possibilities with our “System and Settings” feature suite.

Ready to take charge?

Dive into a world of endless possibilities with our “System and Settings” feature suite.

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