Customer Portal: A Key to Better Customer Service

Customers today want to help themselves while interacting with a service. In fact, according to research by BizReport, 73% of customers try to solve an issue or get information on their own before contacting their service provider. This option saves them time from contacting your company, especially useful for simple issues and fixes.

Furthermore, during a crisis, when you are dealing with many queries or requests and consumers who need help right away, a self-service portal becomes especially vital for customer care.

With this in mind, deploying online software provides you with more than just a portal to share basic data; you are also implementing a solution to boost customer satisfaction and success on a larger scale.


What is a Customer Portal?

A customer portal helps a company cut down on queries by allowing users to access their information from their profile directly. Customers get the option the view all of their details and then notify you when changes are needed, making sure that you always have their correct information.

Moreover, customers can access their account information when a customer portal is integrated with other management systems, further strengthening your company’s CRM and integrity.


The Benefits of a Customer Portal

A support portal is becoming an increasingly significant CRM touchpoint since it allows businesses to put the power in the hands of their customers, allowing them to obtain fast access to information whenever they need it without having to contact your business center.

In more detail, when done correctly, a customer portal can:

  • Boost customer satisfaction;
  • Increase admin productivity;
  • Save time and increase engagement;
  • Provide an additional layer of protection; and
  • Offer greater capabilities than other customer care channels.

The New swool.io Customer Portal

In this regard, swool.io launches its newest feature – and as you might have guessed already – a Customer Portal.

With a new customer portal, swool.io allows customers to log in and check their banking information, account activity, profile information, and booking information. This new customer portal cuts down on time spent communicating with consumers by placing data at their fingertips.

More specifically, swool.io’s Customer Portal:

  • Provides customers access to monitor their outstanding balance
  • Shows upcoming lessons for their children
  • Allows easy access to your banking data for them to make quick payments
  • Eliminates queries on overdue amounts on customer statements and lesson reservations
  • It saves time for both the business and the parents


Having a great online customer community or client portal helps you save money on support and allows your customers easy access to important information to facilitate self-service.

It is one thing to have a customer portal; it is another to get people to use it. You must make your portal a worthwhile platform for your clients and your company to encourage them to use it. With swool.io, you can focus on giving actual value to your customer community.