Learn more about swool.io and what it can offer to help automate your school or coaching business. We have put together information for you to browse online and determine if the platform fits your company. Some of these articles provide tips for running your business, while others discuss the system and its features.

Reasons to Provide Customer Self-Registration

Get rid of thousands of papers and forms and allow your customers to register themselves via an online registration form with swool.io Never frantically search through thousands of forms to find a phone number or emergency contact again. swool.io allows you to search...

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5 Benefits of Automatic Billing

Automatic billing refers to a system that bills and sends invoices automatically on behalf of your swimming school. Setting up automated billing can have many benefits for your customers, your staff, and your school. swool.io integrates with your lessons and billing...

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The Benefits of Software Management Systems

Markets and industries that were already competitive are undoubtedly becoming increasingly more competitive by the hour. Unsurprisingly, the practice of project management is evolving in tandem with the modern workplace. As they aim to optimize their workflow and...

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Customer Portal: A Key to Better Customer Service

Customers today want to help themselves while interacting with a service. In fact, according to research by BizReport, 73% of customers try to solve an issue or get information on their own before contacting their service provider. This option saves them time from...

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