Going-Green: Why Going Paperless is Beneficial for your Business

For businesses, the market is becoming increasingly competitive: There is an ongoing demand to enhance efficiency and minimize expenses while maintaining a high level of customer service. With that, going paperless is an excellent method to achieve this.

Since personal computers formed the foundation of the modern workplace, the concept of a paperless office has existed. Now more than ever, businesses desire to go paperless not only to reduce their carbon footprint but to reap the myriad of other advantages that come with it.

Whether your organization is in the early stages of development or has established policies and procedures, there are always benefits to going green — going paperless.


• Increased Security

Undoubtedly, physical paper can become a major liability for your business. Documents can be misfiled, destroyed, or stolen making it easy for someone to exploit sensitive files.

On the other hand, a paperless method provides considerably higher security for your sensitive data and your customers. Specifically, your documents get safeguarded by a combination of protection, encryption, and banking-level security measures when you use swool.io.


• Reduced Costs

Adopting a paperless office saves your company more than simply paper. As your reliance on paper decreases, you will save money on printer maintenance, ink, toner, shipping, and physical storage, to mention a few things. When it comes to paper alone, the average cost per employee is $80 per year. On top of the other savings for going paperless, you can save a significant amount on otherwise recurring expenses.

Furthermore, offices that are becoming more efficient will be able to repurpose their money as well.


• Easier Accessibility

You may access your information from anywhere at any time using a paperless system. swool.io offers a mobile-friendly interface in a completely cloud-based solution making it simple to access anything you need regardless of where you are. Whether you are in a meeting or traveling out of town, cloud-based storage ensures that you have access to the information you need. It also improves the client experience when you can quickly obtain the information required to answer questions.


• Compliance with Regulations

Businesses are responsible for the data they collect about their customers. POPIA regulations are in place to ensure that all information is kept secure from a potential breach and maintain the privacy of all customers.

Regulations, such as built-in electronic protections and safeguards, keep sensitive information secure and up to regulatory standards with ease. With swool.io, you can quickly build an audit trail so that you can follow your documents at any time from anywhere. It is also POPIA compliant.


• Environment-Friendly

The production of paper products emits greenhouse gases, which contribute to deforestation and global warming. Recycling can help mitigate some of the negative effects on the environment, but only to a certain extent. Still, the majority of paper ends up in a landfill. Furthermore, ink and toners include environmentally harmful volatile chemicals and non-renewable substances. Switching to a paperless office is a much more sustainable way to start going green.



If you have been thinking about going paperless at your company, now is the time to do it. Thanks to the emergence of document management technology, converting paper documents to digital files has become simple and cost-effective.

In this regard, consider using swool.io to assist you during this time to enable a smooth transition to a paperless management system.