seamless payment solutions: simplify transactions, empower clients

Our payment processing features offer a diverse array of payment options, empowering your clients to choose the method that suits them best and facilitating smooth, hassle-free transactions. 

Effortless Registration Payments

Get instant client sign-up fees by enabling payment through online registration.

Payment Portal

Enable a payment portal for customers to seamlessly click through when receiving invoices and pay fees.

Multiple Payment Options

Give customers the freedom to choose how they pay you by either using cash, EFT, debit orders, Snap Scan or the payment portal.

Convenient Registration Payments: Pay Through Registration

Eliminate barriers to entry with our pay-through-registration option. Clients can seamlessly complete payments during the registration process, streamlining the journey from interest to enrollment and ensuring a frictionless experience every step of the way.

Accessible Payment Options

Empower clients with choice. Customer payments are made easier by offering a range of convenient options, including EFT, SnapScan, a payment portal and cash, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for clients of all preferences and circumstances.

Payment Portal And Better Retention

See an increase in fees being collected with our secure payment portal that gives your customers an easier way of paying you. 

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