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Dive into the world of aquatic skills and water safety at Swimming Schools, where students of all ages embark on a journey to become confident swimmers. Swimming schools offer a structured environment for learners to develop essential life skills while enjoying the water. Discover how our SAAS solution transforms swimming school management, making it easier for instructors, parents, and future swimmers.

features to manage your gymnastics club


Use your own curriculum to assess swimmers and send performance reports.

Lesson Calendar

Plan ahead with the booking calendar, or go back in time to check attendance and history.

Online Registrations

Quick and Easy signup allowing customers to register themselves online.

Recurring Billing

Never forget to bill someone again. We take away tedious invoicing through automation.


Evaluate and track swimmers’ progress with our integrated assessment tools. Gain insights into skill development and tailor lessons accordingly.

Lesson Calendar

Simplify scheduling with a user-friendly lesson calendar. Display swim classes, events, and pool availability for efficient planning.

Online Registration

Streamline enrollment with convenient online registration. Parents and guardians can easily register their children for swim lessons, reducing administrative tasks.

Recurring Billing

Ensure consistent fee collection with automated recurring billing. Focus on teaching while our system handles payment processing seamlessly.

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Swimming schools are specialized facilities that provide structured swimming lessons for individuals of all ages, from infants to adults. These schools focus on teaching essential swimming skills, water safety, and advanced techniques in a safe and controlled aquatic environment.

swimming schools that benefit from using swool.io

  • Infant and Toddler Swim Schools: Focus on teaching water safety and basic swim skills to very young children
  • Children Swim School: Provide swim lessons for children and adolescents at various skill levels.
  • Adult Swimming School: Offer swim lessons tailored for adult learners, including beginners and those seeking advanced techniques.
  • Competitive Swim Schools: Prepare swimmers for competitive swimming, including training for swim meets and competitions.
  • Specialized Swim Schools: Concentrate on specific aquatic disciplines, such as synchronized swimming or diving.

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