Customer Self-Registration

Get rid of thousands of papers and forms and allow your customers to register themselves via an online registration form with

Never frantically search through thousands of forms to find a phone number or emergency contact again. allows you to search for and find the specific information you need when you need it.

Some benefits of Self-Registration:

  • Saves Time for the School and Coaches

No need to decipher handwriting or go back and forth to get the information you need. allows your customers to capture their data, putting the responsibility of accuracy in their hands.

  • Saves Time for the Parents and Learners

Parents or learners can register themselves when they have the time, from the convenience of their phones or laptops. Customers might feel it is an inconvenience to fill out pages and pages of forms and allows you to give them an added convenience.

  • Customization

Collect the information you need from your customers with customizable forms. allows you to get the crucial specifics you need to run your school.

  • Terms & Conditions

Make sure your customers read and agree to your most important Terms and Conditions from the get-go. lets your customers read and then tick each important term individually as well as including the form for them to save or print for their reference easily.

Your customers can also have peace of mind that they are aware of the most important terms and conditions of your school.

  • Save the Planet

Cut out printing, using and ultimately recycling thousands of papers with customer self-registration portal.

  • Immediate Confirmation

Both parents and the school have instant confirmation that they have been registered for their new lessons.

Allow your office to have information instantly when new students sign up for lessons.

  • Available to the Right team members

Live on the internet; team members can access the information they need and be sure it is always up-to-date. As soon as changes are made, everyone with permission will have the update straight away.

  • Secure Information

Don't worry about losing forms that contain essential information that could put a customers' security at risk

  • Never Lose Information

Never find yourself in an embarrassing situation where you need to contact clients to tell them that you have lost their information. saves and secures your data in a readily accessible portal

  • Professionalism

Automation of processes is typically one of the late steps in business development. By using a system to process your applications, you contribute towards the consistency of your registration process and professionalism of your company image. grows with your school, so you don't need to worry about huge costs when your school is still a startup. Contact us to set up a demo of at your school.

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