Manage your Early Childhood Development Centre with swool.io

Nurture young minds with ease using swool.io, the specialized software solution designed for early childhood development centers. From preschools to daycare facilities, our platform simplifies crucial administrative tasks so you can focus on what matters most—creating a nurturing, educational environment for the littlest learners.

features to manage your ECD centre


Manage tuition and fees effortlessly with our comprehensive billing system

Lesson Calendar

Organize class schedules, events, and parent-teacher meetings efficiently.

Attendance Register

Accurately track student attendance with just a few clicks.

Payment Portal

Ensure timely fee submissions with our secure, easy-to-use payment portal.


Streamline your billing processes with our intuitive system that handles everything from invoicing to tracking overdue payments. Reduce administrative burdens and improve cash flow with automated billing that keeps parents informed and accountable.

Lesson Calendar

Plan and share your curriculum and special events through our lesson calendar. This tool helps you organize daily activities and keeps staff and parents updated on what’s happening, ensuring everyone is informed and engaged in the children’s education and care.

Attendance Register

Keep a detailed record of student attendance to ensure safety and manage classroom ratios effectively. Our user-friendly interface allows staff to quickly check children in, providing peace of mind to parents and regulatory compliance for your center.

Payment Portal

Facilitate easy and secure transactions with our payment portal. Parents can make payments for tuition, meals, and other services online, reducing paperwork and administrative overhead while improving payment collection rates.

Ease the running of early childhood development centres with swool.io

Empower your early childhood development center with swool.io, where managing educational and administrative tasks becomes as simple as child’s play.

Our platform is tailor-made to support the unique needs of young learners and those who dedicate their careers to educating them, ensuring that every day is as rewarding as it is productive.

ECD centres that benefit from using swool.io

  • Preschools: Focus on foundational skills in a structured setting to prepare children for the transition to kindergarten.
  • Daycare Centers: Provide care and early education, supporting working parents and contributing to children’s social and cognitive development.
  • Montessori Schools: Offer child-centered learning in environments designed to foster independence and practical skills.
  • Child Care Programs: Specialized programs that cater to children’s needs outside traditional school hours, including after-school care.
  • Play Schools: Emphasize learning through play, helping children develop communication and interpersonal skills at a young age.

take your ECD centre online with swool.io

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