Combat Sports Management with swool.io

Step into the ring with swool.io, your ultimate ally in combat sports management.

Designed for dojo owners, boxing gym operators, and martial arts instructors, our platform simplifies the administrative burdens so you can focus on training champions and fostering a strong community of fighters.

features to manage combat sports

Recurring Billing

Streamline your financial operations with automated billing, ensuring steady and predictable revenue.


Empower fighters to schedule their own sessions, enhancing convenience and flexibility.

Client App

Keep your fighters engaged and informed with our comprehensive client app.

Payment Portal

Secure and facilitate all financial transactions with ease through our robust payment portal.

Self Booking

Offer your members the flexibility to book their training sessions, sparring matches, and class times directly through our intuitive self-booking feature. This reduces administrative tasks and allows athletes to manage their own schedules, increasing satisfaction and attendance rates.

Recurring Billing

Automate your membership and session fees with our recurring billing feature. Ideal for gyms that offer monthly memberships or package deals, it ensures a seamless cash flow and eliminates the hassle of manual billing, allowing you more time to focus on coaching and development.

Client App

Engage your community with our client app, where members can track their progress, receive updates, and interact with their schedules and payment details. This tool is essential for maintaining high levels of motivation and involvement, crucial in the demanding world of combat sports.

Payment Portal

Ensure all transactions are handled securely and efficiently with our payment portal. Whether it’s membership fees, gear purchases, or event registrations, our system provides a reliable and user-friendly interface for all your financial interactions.

Combat Sports with swool.io

Dominate the competition with swool.io, where managing your combat sports facility is as strategic and efficient as your training methods.

Embrace our platform to streamline your operations, enhance member engagement, and grow your community of fighters.

combat sports activities that benefit from using swool.io

  • Martial Arts Studios: From Karate to Jiu-Jitsu, offer structured training programs that focus on discipline, technique, and self-defense.
  • Boxing Gyms: Specialized training in boxing techniques, conditioning, and ring tactics.
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Training Facilities: Comprehensive training covering various fighting styles, preparing fighters for competitions.
  • Self-Defense Classes: Programs designed to teach practical self-defense techniques to individuals of all ages.
  • Kickboxing Studios: Classes focusing on kickboxing techniques that improve fitness, strength, and agility.

take your combat sports business online with swool.io

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