Manage Music Lessons with swool.io

Discover the perfect harmony of technology and music with swool.io, your all-in-one software solution for music lessons. Whether you teach piano, guitar, vocals, or any other instrument, swool.io simplifies the administrative side of music education so you can focus on inspiring the next generation of musicians.

features to manage your music lessons

Recurring Billing

Ensure smooth and consistent revenue with automated recurring billing.


Empower students by letting them schedule their own lessons at their convenience.

Lesson Calendar

Keep your schedule in tune with our comprehensive lesson calendar.

Recurring Billing

With recurring billing, you can automate the payment process for regular students, ensuring a steady income stream and eliminating the hassle of sending reminders or handling cash payments. This feature is ideal for both one-on-one lessons and group classes.


Give your students the freedom to book their own music lessons through our self-booking feature. This autonomy not only enhances student satisfaction but also significantly cuts down on your administrative load.

Lesson Calendar

Manage your music teaching schedule with our dynamic lesson calendar. Whether you’re juggling multiple instruments or instructors, our calendar provides a clear view of your daily, weekly, and monthly commitments, making scheduling a breeze.

Music Lessons with swool.io

Elevate your music teaching business with Swool.io. From streamlined booking to efficient billing, our platform is designed to harmonize your administrative tasks with your passion for teaching music.

Join countless other music educators who are tuning up their businesses with Swool.io.

music activities that benefit from using swool.io

  • Instrumental Lessons: Tailored sessions for students learning instruments like guitar, piano, violin, etc.
  • Vocal Coaching: Specialized training for aspiring singers, focusing on technique and performance.
  • Music Theory Classes: Educational classes that delve into the fundamentals of music composition and theory.
  • Group Music Sessions: Workshops and classes for groups, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Digital Music Production: Courses teaching the essentials of music production using digital tools and software.

take your music lessons online with swool.io

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