Manage Performing Arts Lessons with swool.io

Unleash the spotlight with swool.io, the premier software solution designed for the performing arts industry. Whether you manage a dance studio, a theatre group, or an acting school, swool.io streamlines your administrative tasks so you can focus on cultivating creativity and talent in your students.

features to manage performing arts

Recurring Billing

Automate your billing process for seamless subscription management.


Allow students to take the lead by booking their own classes and workshops.


Evaluate and enhance student performance with comprehensive assessments

Payment Portal

Simplify transactions with our secure, streamlined payment portal.

Self Booking

Empower your students and their guardians with the ability to book classes, auditions, and workshops at their convenience. This feature not only reduces administrative burden but also increases engagement by allowing participants to manage their own schedules.

Recurring Billing

Keep your financials in rhythm with our recurring billing feature. Ideal for institutions that offer ongoing classes or season passes, this tool ensures a steady cash flow and minimizes manual billing efforts, allowing you to focus more on the artistic aspects of your programs.


Track and elevate the development of your performers with our tailored assessments tool. From dance techniques to acting progress, provide valuable feedback that helps students grow artistically and prepare for performances with confidence.

Payment Portal

Our secure payment portal ensures that all transactions, from monthly tuition to one-time workshop fees, are processed efficiently and securely. It supports various payment methods, providing convenience to your students and reliability to your administration.

Performing Arts with swool.io

Step into the limelight with swool.io, where managing your performing arts studio becomes as seamless as a well-rehearsed show.

Our platform is designed to handle the complexities of your administrative needs, so you can dedicate more time to inspiring performance and creativity in your students.

perfroming arts activities that benefit from using swool.io

  • Dance Studios: Classes ranging from ballet to hip-hop, emphasizing technique and performance..
  • Theatre Groups: For groups performing everything from classical plays to modern experimental theater.
  • Acting Schools: Training aspiring actors in screen acting, theater performance, and audition techniques.
  • Music Performance: Lessons and ensemble classes for musicians focusing on performance skills.
  • Circus Arts: Classes teaching acrobatics, clowning, juggling, and other circus skills.

take your performing arts online with swool.io

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